I am so glad you are interested in designing a Wedding Album! It is the perfect way to remember your beautiful day. With this album, your children & grandchildren will be able to look back through the events of your big day with ease, laughing about how weird everyone dressed back in the day.

The Signature Album is one album with plenty of options to ensure that you get exactly what you want, something unique. Featuring two different thicknesses, your photos are mounted flush to boards; the thick board is 1/16” thick, offering a solid feel & a high-end look, while the thin board is 1/32,” offering a streamlined, modern look. 

thick vs thin signature album pages

Companion Albums are now available!

An almost identical version of your album can be purchased for a fraction of the cost, making it the perfect gift for your parents or grandparents! A Companion Album is basically a simplified copy of your album. All photo choices & the layout remain the same, but the cover has fewer options available. When reading through each option or upgrade below, be sure to check whether or not it's an option for the Companion Album (located at the bottom of each section's paragraph.) 

Companion albums must be ordered at the same time as the original album & must be identical to your original album.


paper & finishes

traditional e-surface photo paper

Photographs are printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Paper Super Type PD (Traditional E-Surface Paper) which is the most popular paper used by professional photographers. Pages are truly flush mount with prints extending across the two-page spread (no space at the spine.)

  • Boasts accurate color, realistic saturation, excellent natural flesh reproduction, & great intensity, & offers brighter blues, cyans, purples, & reds.

  • Standard Archival Value of 100 years in home display; 200 years in dark storage.

Pages are given an eco-friendly, non-flammable lustre coating which provides for superior protection against fingerprints & UV exposure, while also visibly enhancing the look of your print.

Deep matte paper

Fuji Crystal Archive Deep Matte paper is the premier matte paper used by professional photographers. This paper is available for an additional charge. {A note from Emily: This paper is ah-mazing! It's such a different feel than you may expect with an album, & this description just doesn't do it justice. I showed it to a friend & she screamed, "This is PAPER?!"}

  • Deep matte, lustreless surface creates tremendous visual impact.

  • Produces rich color with pure whites and sharp text quality.

  • Standard Archival Value of 100 years in home display; 200 years in dark storage.

Companion Albums will inherit the paper choice.

pages & sides

The number of pages & sides will affect how many photos your album will have. Since each album is custom designed, you can choose to have one or multiple photos per page. (10/20 = 10 pages, 20 sides front & back.) Each album has three spread options. Talk to me if you want even more pages!

Companion Albums will inherit page number & are offered in the same aspect ratio as the original album. If your album was a 8x8" or 8x10", the Companion Album will be 8x8" or 8x10" respectively. However, if your album was a 10x10", you do have the choice of getting either a 10x10" Companion Album or 8x8" Companion Album. 


edge gilding


Gold, silver, & black edge gilding is available with square corners only. 

Edge Gilding not available for Companion Albums



Page corners are rounded or square, your choice!

Companion Albums will inherit corner choice.

corners & edge gilding

cover options


All Leather, Linen, Suedes, & Velvet covers are available for Companion Albums.

standard leather

The Standard leather line is made of genuine Italian full grain leather. These moisture resistant leathers age beautifully with a rich patina.

pearlescent leather

The Pearlescent leather line is made of genuine Italian enhanced grain leather with a durable finish that is water & stain resistant.

distressed leather covers

The Distressed leather line is made of genuine Italian full grain leathers & features unique variations & natural markings. Please note: Distressed leathers are made to show the natural wear & tear caused from daily use. Due to the nature of this material, Distressed leather covers may vary in texture & level of distress.



The Linen line is made of a beautiful textile blend & features an assortment of colors to highlight your imagery. Please note: Due to the nature of this material, linen covers may vary in texture & color.


The Suede covers are made of smooth nubuck with a sleek surface that has an elegant look & irresistible silkiness. Due to the nature of the material, Suede covers may scuff more easily than Standard Leathers.


The Velvet covers have a distinctly soft feel with a water repellent finish, & the material is extra-heavy duty double rub tested for durability.

cameo covers


Cameo covers feature an image window to highlight your favorite photographs. Cameos are available with Leather (all besides Etched Leathers), Linen, Suede, & Velvet cover options. 

Note: Cannot be combined with front cover Foil Stamping or Debossing.

Not available for Companion Albums.

8x8 covers

8x10 covers

10x8 covers

10x10 covers

acrylic, printed metal, & wood covers


Looking for another option to display your wedding photo on the cover? The Acrylic Cover prints your photo directly onto acrylic bringing the colors to life in a vibrant & shiny way. The Printed Metal Cover prints your photo directly onto hand-cut metal featuring a brushed-metal look & feel. Either option is combined with your choice of leather. With the Printed Wood Cover, your image is printed onto maple wood, allowing the wood-grain to shine through. Covers are available with Standard, Distressed, Pearlescent, & Textured Leather. It is also available with Etched leather, Suedes, & Velvet for an additional charge. (Click the thumbnails below to better view the finishes.)

Not available for Companion Albums.

etched leather patterns


A fun design is etched into the cover of your choice. Etching is available with Suedes, Velvets, Standard, Distressed, Metallic, & Pearlescent leathers.

Not available for Companion Albums.

end leaf, foil stamping, & debossing

end leaf {included}

The inside cover of the Signature Album, the end leaf, is lined with your choice of flat black material or white art paper

Companion Albums will inherit your choice.

foil stamping {included}

Add foil stamping in Black, Copper, Gold, Matte Gold, Granite, Silver or Matte Silver to Suedes, Standard, Metallic, & Pearlescent leathers*. Choose from Alana Pro or Garage Gothic font. 

Outside front cover options: Up to three lines of text, in the lower center or lower right corner. 
Inside back cover options: Up to three lines of text, lower center of cover only.

* Note: Front cover Foil Stamping is only available for Suedes, Standard, Metallic, & Pearlescent leather covers, & cannot be added to Cameo, Linen, Velvet or Etched covers. Inside back cover stamping is available for all cover types. Special characters are not allowed for foil stamping text.

Also Note! When filling in your desired text, I copy & paste from your order form in order to avoid any typos on my end. Please! Double check all spelling & dates.

Companion Album will inherit any Foil Stamping or Debossing options selected on the original album, but you will have the ability to turn this off for the Companion Album. If you do not select Foil Stamping or Debossing on your main album, you will still be able to add it to your Companion Album.

foil stamping fonts

debossing {upgrade}

Choose a sentimental title & add a date to the front center of your cover with up to three lines of text. Select Dessau Pro or Garage Gothic font, in Blind (no color), Black, Copper, Gold, Matte Gold, Granite, Silver or Matte Silver for Standard, Distressed, Metallic, Pearlescent, Linen, Suede, & Velvet covers.

Note: Blind debossing is the only debossing option available for Distressed leathers & Velvets. Debossing is unavailable for Cameo covers & Etched leathers.

Also Note! When filling in your desired text, I copy & paste from your order form in order to avoid any typos on my end. PLEASE! Double check all spelling & dates.

Companion Album will inherit any Foil Stamping or Debossing options selected on the original album, but you will have the ability to turn this off for the Companion Album. If you do not select Foil Stamping or Debossing on your main album, you will still be able to add it to your Companion Album.

debossing fonts

digitally added message {included}

If you chose the Wood, Acrylic, or Metal Image cover, but would still like a message added to the cover, I can digitally add any message to your image. There is no limit to characters. Be sure to fill in your desired text in the corresponding box on the order form below, & I will be in contact with you with fonts, colors, & location options.

If you are ready to start your album order, fill out the form below. Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions!

design & ordering process


Depending on the album size, number of pages, & page layouts, the number of photos each album can hold will vary significantly. I recommend thinking of each page or spread as a different subject (i.e., ceremony, cake cutting, first dance.) On average, I like to use 5–10 photos a spread, making sure to keep a good balance of large & small photos. I will do my best to incorporate as many of your favorite photo choices as possible.


After receiving the completed Design Order Form & a deposit* is paid, I will begin designing the initial mock-up which will be emailed to you in PDF form for your approval. You are encouraged to review each mock-up & make desired changes (switch out photos, rearrange layouts, etc.). Please email me with any desired changes that will be taken into consideration. I will then begin work on the next mock-up. This process will continue until you are satisfied with all photos & page layouts. Album prices include 3 free mock-ups after the initial mock-up, a total of 4 mock-ups. Additional mock-ups are $75 each.

* A deposit is not required if this album was a part of your wedding photography bundle.

companion albums

If we are still in the design process of your album, you can add a Companion Album. However, Companion Albums cannot be added AFTER your main album has already been submitted to print. They must be submitted at the same time.

The layout & photo choices for your Companion Album cannot be changed from your main album choices. They must be identical to qualify.

general information

printing company

Album production is handled by Miller's Professional Imaging, the largest professional lab organization in the United States. They have developed a reputation for having the highest quality products, customer service, & technologies in the industry.

payment terms & conditions

A deposit of $150 must be made before the design process can begin if your album was not included in your wedding photography package, & payment in full is due before the album can be sent to production. Please make all checks payable to Emily Ross. If you choose to pay by credit card, a 3% credit card processing fee will be added to the final total.

order cancellation

Once the design process has begun & you have received your initial mock-up, the deposit is non-refundable. Once the design has been submitted for production, the order is complete & cannot be cancelled.

turnaround & shipping

Once the album is approved, production time is 2–5 days. Each album is shipped to me first for inspection, then mailed to you. Shipping is already included in the cost.

final delivery

Because of the collaborative & creative nature of albums, I cannot guarantee any range of dates to expect the finished product. During seasonal peak months, the design process may be slower.


If you are unsatisfied with your product, simply send the product to the lab with all appropriate lab paperwork within 30 days indicating the reason for return & they will quickly get a new product to you at no cost. This does not apply to dissatisfaction with photograph choices or page layouts. If you wish to make modifications to the product, a new order must be submitted at your cost. Please contact me for the appropriate paperwork.

shipping damage

If you receive a damaged product, notify me & the courier immediately. Return damaged products, packing material, & paperwork to the lab within 10 days so they can replace your product. Simply indicate "courier damage" on your new order form. Damage claims will be filed by Miller's. Please contact me for the appropriate paperwork.


  • Clients are not allowed to scan, photograph or duplicate album pages with the intention of publishing online or reprinting at a competing photo studio or store.

  • Albums cannot be sold.

  • Albums are for home display only.

  • Photographer reserves all rights of ownership in all electronic media & in all image reproductions from electronic media.

  • Photographer reserves all copyrights.

  • Photographer may use reproductions of images from electronic media in full or in part for display, advertising, teaching, or for illustration purposes. Each Client releases Photographer from any claim of right in an image produced by Photographer & agrees that Photographer may use the images as provided in this Agreement.