My name is Emily Ross. I am a photographer & graphic designer currently living in Austin, TX, & I love weddings! I love beautiful dresses & fancy heels, the look of complete shock when the groom sees his bride for the first time, & the beautiful moment when the groom is dancing with his mom & she whispers how proud & happy she is of him. Those moments get me every time!

My mom recently found a questionnaire that I filled out in kindergarten. One question was: What makes a girl pretty? I answered, “a wedding dress."

If you are in need of a wedding photographer (or just need bridals or engagements done), I am available for traveling to Dallas, Houston, College Station, San Antonio, San Marcos, or even in a different state (or country!) I jump on chances to travel! I also enjoy photographing proposals, senior portraits, or documenting events.

My Story

I suddenly found myself in the wedding photography world in the summer of 2008 where I stumbled through the business before finally finding my place. A girl contacted through Facebook if I'd like to photograph her wedding, & my only response was ummm...I don't even own a camera! At that point I had only taken black & white film photography classes taking pictures of shadows & textures found in nature which hardly qualified me to shoot a wedding. Then, before that first wedding took place, my first bride's sister wanted me to do her wedding a few months later. I still don't own a camera & I still don't know what I'm doing! That didn't stop either of them! I am forever grateful to my first two brides for trusting in me enough to do something for which I was super under-qualified.


Over the next few years, I began to build up my portfolio by photographing a variety of people & events such as Impact Retreat at Texas A&M. In whatever situation I find myself, I try to learn something new. Whether it's finding more flattering angles, lighting, or poses, or how to better interact with my clients during their shoot to make them feel more comfortable, I love spending time behind the lens perfecting my style & skill.

A huge thank you goes to my friends & family who have supported me along the way, whether it was with advice on what camera equipment to buy, great locations to shoot at in cities I’ve never been to, legal advice, or just plain old “You can do it!” pep talks.

A newlywed myself, I very much love my husband for succumbing to a life of constant wedding-talk. I make it up to him by tagging along to midnight showings of all the latest superhero movies & encouraging his Marvel obsession.

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