greeting card books

If you're like me, you find it hard to throw away anything sentimental, especially greeting cards. This is the perfect way to preserve your cards from your wedding, new home, new baby, the loss of a loved one, & so much more. Each of these books are custom made by me & tailored to fit your cards. They are a labor of love & I treat each set of cards like they were my own.


I have been honored to create books for people all over the world.

Including Australia, Dubai, England, Ireland, Canada, & all over the States.

At the bottom of this page is a form for you to get started on your order. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at

One card book is $60 & each additional book is $40, before materials, shipping, & applicable taxes. Mini books can be made for RSVP cards or other smaller cards. Each book holds up to 45 cards, or a stack of cards up to 2.5" thick. Depending on how many cards you have, I might need to split them into multiple books. 

On average, final book size is 9 x 6". While covers & spines are completely custom tailored to fit your cards, cards that are significantly bigger than 9" x 6" may be difficult to include. Invitations can be added to the inside front cover either by pocket or photo corners, & small gift tags or irregularly shaped cards can be inserted into a pocket on the inside back cover.


Christmas Card Books!

Looking for a way to display all of the past Christmas cards you’ve received? What a fun way to decorate your home each year! Only available while Christmas supplies are sold.

While Christmas books can be made year round, Christmas materials are only sold now through the end of the year. If you would like to pre-order a book(s) for your cards received this coming season, that’s doable! Fill out the form by December 15, 2019, with your best guess for number of books & preferred material choices.

Orders received after December 15, 2019, will be able to choose from my stock of Christmas paper while supplies last.

Are these Christmas books restricted to just Christmas cards? No! Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Hanukkah papers can be found! I do not know what days these papers will stop being sold, so order now!

Turnaround time will be solely dependent upon the number of orders received, & as always, will be created first come first serve.

To see my latest creations // #dreamyelkcardbooks


I get all of my materials from Paper Source, so you would just need to tell me specifically which papers, ribbons, etc., you would like your book to include & that will be added to the final cost. I have plenty of leftover materials from past orders that are discounted; discontinued items are marked down even further. See below for my current inventory.

If you are wanting multiple books made with different materials each, either let me know the 3 finishing choices for each book in the Special Request box of the order form, or fill out the order form multiple times with your different orders.

fine paper 

the outside cover

  • pick at least 1 sheet

  • prices range from $3.95–$11

Please do not pick a roll of paper. The ‘handmade’ papers work the best. The flat wrap & Cavallini papers are ok but may bubble up some. I will advise you if you should pick something else. If you would like to use two or more sheets per book, let me know in the Special Requests box of the order form.

For Christmas paper, please pick a “flat wrap” & not a roll of wrapping paper.

end leaf paper

the inside cover

  • pick 1 color

  • prices start at $4.50

This is a solid-color heavy-weight cardstock paper & cannot be a fine paper. The Shimmer, Stardream, & Poinsettia papers have a nice pearl/shimmer finish. The Luxe & Aubergine papers have a rich texture. The rest are a flat/matte finish.


to tie the book shut

  • pick 1 roll

  • prices start at $3.95

Please do not pick any baker's twine, rafia, tape, washi tape, paper tape, or ribbons like the olive leaf ribbon. I will inform you if I think you should pick a different ribbon.


Let me know if you have your cards in a specific order, & I'll do my best to make sure they stay that way. If you want, you could put a stickie note on each one with their order number, or lightly number them in pencil (small print!) on the back in a corner. I suggest putting them in a ziploc bag if you mail them in a big box where they could fly around free.

If you don't care about order, I'll just bind them together at random.

Sorting by size does not look the best.


Please do not include any envelopes & make sure all cards are empty of gift receipts, gift certificates, etc. If any card has additional notes or messages inside, I'll be sure to keep those attached to the cards. If I find anything that may have been overlooked, I'll be sure to send it back.

If you would like a pocket added for smaller cards or an invitation, please include those items so I know how large or small to make the pocket.

Don't forget to get tracking on your package in case it gets lost!


Once you've picked out your materials & I've received your cards, I'll set up an Etsy listing just for you where you can pay. Because this is a collaborative project, it's hard to estimate a delivery time. If you are working with a deadline, please let me know in the Special Requests box of the order form.


To take your book of greeting cards one step further, I've partnered up with Jesilyn from Jesilyn Kay Calligraphy. Her work is fabulous & puts the perfect finishing touches on your books. 

Once books are finished on my end, they are forwarded on to Jesilyn for calligraphy. She collaborates with you on the wording, lettering style/design, & determining which ink to use with the paper you decide on for the books. 

Horizontal spine calligraphy (pictured) is only available for books set of 2 or more (5″ minimum spine width required). Vertical spine (like regular published books) & front cover calligraphy are available for all books.

Note: Shipping costs to Jesilyn will be included in the final cost from her. To be as clear as possible, you are paying for shipping from me to Jesilyn, then Jesilyn back to you.

calligraphy pricing

Pricing begins at $45. See below for rough estimates & an idea of what all you can do.


Discounted Materials [all IN STOCK]

Fine Paper


[not sold year round, only available while supplies last]


end leaf

international shipping

(estimated in US Dollars)

1 book

  • Australia $53.15

  • Canada $40.55

  • France $46.00

  • Ireland $49.15

  • UK $54.95

2 books

  • Australia $57.80

  • Canada $43.60

  • France $49.75

  • Ireland $52.30

  • UK $59.40

3 books

  • Australia $62.45

  • Canada $46.65

  • France $53.50

  • Ireland $55.45

  • UK $63.85

If you're ready to order your book(s), fill out the form below. I'll be in contact with you as soon as possible to get your order started.