how to use the proofing gallery

  1. viewing & buying photos

  2. saving your favorites

  3. applying a photo print package to your order & selecting the photos for the print package

  4. adjusting the crop for certain sizes

  5. using a coupon

viewing photos:

  • Click on any thumbnail in your gallery to view the image larger.

  • In the bottom-right corner, click the "Size" icon to the immediate left of the "Buy" button to view the photo at a different size. X-Large is the largest you can view any photo.

  • Note: The navigation bar at the bottom of the photo with the filename will disappear after a few seconds of inactivity. Hover over the image to pull that bar back up.

Saving your favorites:

You should have been sent a link for an Event. If not, let me know & I'll send one. The Event link will take you to a page where you now have a button in the top right called "Register to Pick Favorites." Click that to get started.

I do have access to your Favorites gallery, so this is a great way for you to send me your photo choices for your album or disc if you don't want to type out a list of file numbers.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 8.09.44 PM.png
  • A registration box will appear prompting you to enter your name & email address. After clicking "Register", you will receive an email confirmation & a new link. Don't lose that link!

  • The new link that was emailed to you will now take you back to your Event gallery. This time, your name will appear at the top & the heart button in the top right now reads "View My Favorites."

  • To begin selecting favorites, click on the gallery thumbnail.

  • Your Event gallery will probably be password protected, which should have been emailed to you with the original Events link.

  • From here, the gallery looks the same except that it now has a little heart in the menu bar at the bottom. Click the heart on any photo you want & it will automatically be added to your favorites.

  • At any time, click "See All" to view all of your favorites.

  • The Favorites gallery will automatically open in a scrolling view only. Unfortunately, there is not another view option, so this part is a little annoying.

  • At any point, you can email me to see how many photos you currently have in your favorites gallery.

  • To remove any photo from your Favorites, click on Unfavorite below that photo.

buying photos:

  • To buy a specific image, select the photo you want & click on the "Buy" button in the bottom-right.

  • Click "This Photo" to add a single photo to your shopping cart.

  • You will be prompted with Wall Art or Paper Prints.

wall art

paper prints

  • For each single print you choose, the dialogue box will walk you through the options, prices, & finishes available. Do this for each photo individually, or if you know you're buying multiple prints, try the Photos from This Gallery option.

    • View Cart to check out.

    • Close to keep shopping.

  • Click "Photos from This Gallery" to add multiple photos to your shopping cart. This is ideal if you're buying multiple photos in the same size.

    • Click "Change Product" on the right to browse different sizes. The default product is a 4x6" print.

    • Adjust the quantity & add to cart!

photo packages

  • Note: Photo packages are not currently supported on mobile devices. Please use a desktop.

  • Click "Buy Photo Package" to view the packages attached to your gallery.

  • After reviewing your options, select the package you want by checking the box. Click "Continue."

  • If your package comes with (6) 4x6 prints, six black boxes under the heading 4x6 will display.

  • Click on any box to select your photos.

  • In the example below, I get to choose (10) 4x6" prints.

  • If you want to buy ten 4x6's of the same photo, select the same image ten times.

  • Once you have finished selecting all of your photos & filling in the black boxes, click "Add to Cart."

adjust crop

  • Some sizes will need an adjustment to their crop. The default crop is the very center of each photo.

  • If you're selecting individual photos, as soon as you pick your size, a crop box will appear around your photo. You can adjust the crop here, or wait & do it in the Shopping Cart.

Adjusting the crop from the size selection window.

Adjusting the crop from the size selection window.

Adjusting the crop from the Shopping Cart.

Adjusting the crop from the Shopping Cart.

  • To adjust crop in the Shopping Cart, select "Adjust" next to the photo that needs re-cropping.

  • Adjust the location of the crop by clicking & dragging the box.

  • Adjust the size of the crop by selecting any corner & dragging to desired size.

  • Click "Rotate Crop" to change between horizontal & vertical orientation.

  • Be sure to click "Save Crop" when done!

  • Another option is clicking "None." This will add white bars to your print, essentially shrinking the photo to fit in the crop available. When the print arrives, you will need to trim those edges off unless you have them covered with a custom cut mat which will then fit into a standard size frame. Alternatively, you can either get a custom frame made & trim the white bars off.

Don't worry. I check every order before it goes to print to make sure all crops will look great.

  • Once you are finished & satisfied with your order, proceed to checkout to fill out payment & shipping information.

  • If you have a coupon, apply it in the "Coupon Code" box when you reach the Payment Information page.