ashley&brandon {wedding} royalty pecan farms, part one

Ashley & Brandon saw each other from a distance at Santa's Wonderland outside College Station, Texas, where they both worked & sparks flew. Undoubtedly the most magical place to be during Christmas, Ashley fell in love with Brandon's glorious long red locks & he were with her incredibly infectious smile & laugh. The time flew by, & Brandon proposed with a Sobi drinks, & Ashley, of course, said yes.

Their wedding marked almost three & a half years together & their wedding was filled with warm hugs, laughing children running everywhere, amazing cheesecake, bbq, & the perfect cloud covering to shield us from the sun that wanted to beat down & give us a nasty sunburn.

We did Ashley's bridal photos about two weeks before their wedding & I got a glimpse of some of the details that were to be present at the wedding. I squealed with delight & couldn't wait for their special day to arrive. I wasn't disappointed. Together, Ashley & her mom (& I'm sure countless other helped) collected & created details to turn every space into the perfect backdrop for a party. I'm so happy I could be a part of it.

I found it impossible to narrow down my favorite photos, so I'm splitting up this up into two blog posts. Sorry I'm not sorry!!

succulent bouquet, unique wedding dress hanging on door
peach, pink, white, succulent wedding bouquet
champagne wedding dress, succulent wedding bouquet
champagne wedding dress, flower wreath headpiece

Brandon carried two meteor rocks with him in a little pouch (specifically moldavites from the Czech Republic), one polished, one not, which is also the center stone in Ashley's engagement ring.

groom in linen suit, vest and bowtie
pink and peach bouquets, champagne wedding dress, flower wreath headpiece
meteor rock
groom in linen suit with vest and bowtie
groom in linen vest with green bowtie, succulent boutonniere
coral bridesmaids dress, pink and peach bouquets, champagne wedding dress
coral bridesmaids dress, champagne wedding dress
barefoot groomsmen in linen, coral bowtie
coral bridesmaids dress, champagne wedding dress
laughing bridesmaids, coral dress, champagne wedding dress
groomsmen in linen, coral bow ties
groom in linen vest and green bow tie
funny groomsmen photo, groom in linen vest and green bow tie

Every barefoot bride needs to have a chaco tan line, right?

barefoot bride, chaco tan line

Ashley & Brandon opted for a First Look, & as always, I teared up. I can't help myself when reactions like these happen!

champagne wedding dress, first look
first look, bride walking up to groom
champagne wedding dress, linen suit, bride and groom kissing
champagne wedding dress, linen suit, succulent wedding bouquet

Here's a fun & unique guest book idea: sign Jenga pieces!

wedding rings on jenga pieces
finger painting guest book
baby's breath flower wreath for flower girl
baby's breath flower wreath for flower girl, burlap covered ring pillows
outdoor ceremony space
outdoor ceremony space, pink and orange flowers, flower covered archway
aisle marker, outdoor ceremony, baby's breath

The ceremony had a lot of unique features to it, but one of my favorites had to be watching the flower girls & ring bearer try & get down these stairs. It took a good five minutes & it was one of the cutest things ever. 


Ashley & Brandon have the cutest little girl &, naturally, daddy had to stop & play with her before Ashley made her grand entrance. (Be sure to see Part 2 to see some daredevil stunts these two pulled later that day.)

groom and flower girl throwing flowers
bride and dad walking down the aisle
groom watch bride walk down aisle, outdoor wedding
father of the bride giving bride away
father of the bride giving bride away, outdoor ceremony
mother of the groom holding baby during wedding
outdoor wedding

The ceremony included four blessings (one to the north, to the south, the east, & the west), then followed by readings from the maid of honor & best man. Not only were they thoughtful & sweet, but hilarious. When in doubt, grab some song lyrics. Never gonna give you up/Never gonna let you down...

bride and groom laughing during ceremony
coral bridesmaids dress
barefoot groom, orange rose petals on ground
bride and groom first kiss
fun ceremony send off

We'll pause here on this adorable photo. Click here for Part 2!

bride and groom leaving ceremony

Ceremony Venue: Royalty Pecan Farms // Floral Designer: Unforgettable Floral