breonna&tyrone {happily ever after}

And just like that, another year has passed for another fun couple. Thank you, Bre'onna & Tyrone, for choosing me to document your wedding & taking the time to answer some questions!

1. What was your most memorable moment?
Bre'onna: When you get to walk into the reception & they formally announce you as married.  Very surreal & I still have moments like “omg, we actually really got married.”
Tyrone: Kissing in public. Everyone was looking forward to it. (We don’t do PDA)

2. What were the inspirations for your wedding? themes? Why did you pick this time of year?
Sunday was cheaper, but also it was late enough in the summer to not be burning up at night time (it was still hot)

3. Was there anything that was not worth fussing over? In other words, did you have a bridezilla/groomzilla moment over something that was insignificant?
Bre'onna: We both had different priorities in the wedding. I was focused on pictures & venue, Tyrone was focused on the overall look & everyone having a good time. As long as we kept those priorities in mind, we were able to rank everything else by how much it cost. 

4. Any advice for those planning now?
Bre'onna: Going over budget for pictures was completely worth it. 
Tyrone: Nobody knows what’s missing. If something small goes wrong the day of, nobody will really notice unless you tell them.

breonna&tyrone, anniversary photo

Tell me about married life!

1. What has been the easiest & hardest parts about adjusting to married life?
Bre'onna: The hardest part for me is the name change…that I have yet to do legally.  Facebook & Google got changed the day after the wedding but the government is not so simple. 
Tyrone: The hardest part was mixing finances. We’ve always done everything separately.  The easiest part is remembering to wear my ring.

2. What's been the most surprising thing you've learned about each other?
Bre'onna:  He’s very good about handling things when I’ve had enough of dealing with them. I actually learned that during the wedding planning phase though. I quit doing stuff after I bought my dress. 
Tyrone: I was actually surprised that Bre can save money & is pretty good at budgeting.  Would have never guessed.

3. What do you guys do to spend time together? Do you have weekly dates? something nightly? monthly?
We pick a show on Netflix to watch together. And we’ve started to make brunch in the house on Sundays with for real unlimited mimosas. 

4. What did you do, or will you do, to celebrate your one year anniversary?
Del Friscos for dinner but not too much more. We’re supposed to be saving up to move soon. “Supposed to be”.

breonna&tyrone, family photo