driving time {time savers}

When planning out your wedding day timeline, it's so easy to overlook the small things or to not give yourself enough time for one or two things. Underestimating or overlooking small things can quickly add up causing you to suddenly find yourself under a severe time crunch without time to do the photos that are most important to you.

Timeline Saver #1

Don't forget to schedule in driving time if your getting ready space, ceremony, & reception are all at different venues. 

Also, while Google Maps might say it only takes five minutes to drive to the ceremony,  don't forget that it might take you & your ladies an additional ten minutes to pack up & get into the car, & ten minutes to unload at the venue. Like I said, the littlest things can add up!

Similarly, I've been to a few venues that were really spread out on several acres. Walking those distances can sometimes take longer than you think! Especially if everyone is in heels!!

Ask me or your photographer for help with your timeline, especially if you don't have a coordinator. To me, this is one of those things that's better to over analyze that not.  

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