happy thanksgiving {personal}

Hey, y'all! I feel that I've been unusually absent from blogging, but I will be making up for that very soon! I sincerely hope everybody is gearing up for a super wonderful & relaxing Thanksgiving weekend full of pies, family, & friends. Be sure to pack your Thanksgiving pants!

My thankful list:

  • my husband // 'nuf said
  • a roof over my head, & the softest bed to curl up in
  • my panini maker // I've finally mastered the grilled cheese
  • my library card
  • new friends
  • old friends
  • new family members especially in the form of newborns
  • awesome clients who make my job so much fun
  • this busy Fall season that has kept me away from blogging all of the beautiful couples
  • mousse & mascara
  • netflix & pandora
  • post-it notes
  • Dr Pepper
  • my freedoms
  • God // for so many reasons that I can't write them all down
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