evelyn gray plaisted {october 28, 2014}

World, meet Evelyn. My niece.

She is definitely the most beautiful baby ever born & we all know she's going to be the smartest. And the most talented. No bias here!

Our tale begins on Monday evening. Ellen was scheduled to be induced Monday evening, but while waiting on that, she went into labor on her own which is good!


Then, just a few short (or long, depending on who you asked) hours, Evelyn was born a little after 9 on Tuesday morning. (No, I was not in the delivery room with them!) We got move into the delivery room around midnight & had a few hours of rest. Mom & I shared a bench for a while. At first, we didn't think it would be possible to both sleep on it at once, but we discovered it was possible when we became sleepy enough. 

Papa V had to go to work during all of this, but he got plenty of alone time with baby while mommy & daddy slept & Cece & I went to get lunch. We ended up at Chick-fil-A & were so out of it that we got giggling at my photo on my visitor's badge that we almost fell out of our booth. That's what we Kiel girls do when we're sleepy. We get giggly.

Uncle Drew was probably the most excited about having a little baby in the family & we knew his reaction to meeting her was something we didn't want to miss. When he first walked in the room, he stood in one spot with his hands on his hips, looked at Evelyn, then looking at the floor, then looked back, continuing this for a solid minute before he could really understand that she was finally here. Precious.

Jeff's parents weren't planning on driving down until later, but when they saw the first photo of her, they hopped in the car & drove four hours to meet her.

Finally Meme got to meet baby!

We were instructed to buy Evelyn a baby brush. It was not expected that she would have hair!

I told you she was smart! She was already trying to roll over at one day old!

Up next, my attempt at newborn photography!

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