getting ready room {planning your wedding}

You've been planning for months (years, even!) for your wedding day. You've thought out the ceremony, the reception, your first dance, & your epic exit strategy. You've decided the best layout for the tables & chairs to allow for easy traffic flow. You've spent countless hours on Pinterest pinning the best of the best photos of everything from the cake to the flowers to the dress. You & your entire bridal party can recite the day's timeline down to the second.

Ok, maybe that last one is a little ridiculous.

But, there's one thing that I'm willing to bet you haven't thought of, at least in terms of photos. 

Your "getting ready" room.

I've seen it so many times. I walk into a super dark hotel room where five bridesmaids are all frantically sharing two outlets that are not-so-conveniently located on the opposite side of the room as the windows & the bathroom is only big enough for two people at a time.

But mainly, the room is so dark.

If you're not a photographer &/or have minimal experience with the actual mechanics of a camera & how they work, you may not understand that cameras need a lot of light. They need a whole lot more than what you might think. Yes, most of us wedding photographers are equipped with lighting equipment on the day of a wedding, but you just can't beat natural light. 

You know all those gorgeous photos of brides getting dressed on Pinterest? of the bride & bridesmaids taking a few minutes to sit & drink some coffee before tackling the art of getting ready? of the father's face when he walks in to see his baby girl all grown up & in a wedding dress?

Do you know what makes you drool over those photos? You might say it's the expressions, but you just can't put your finger on why the photo is just so delicious. I can tell you. It's the lighting.

So, when you're planning your wedding day, don't forget about your getting ready room. Think about windows. Think about natural light. Think abut space. The bigger the windows, the better! If you're planning on getting ready in a hotel room, ask if the hotel has a room with more than one window.

Natural light also helps out makeup artists. It is so much easier to match skin tones when applying foundation in natural lighting as opposed to incandescent bulbs which cast a very heavy yellow glow.

bride putting on makeup

If you have no control whatsoever over your getting ready space, have no fear! Consider getting dressed outside or at least do the final touches outside. When I was planning my wedding & touring the facilities of the country club we ended up picking, I laughed when I saw the designated getting ready room. I walked back out into the hallway, noticed the huge & gorgeous windows, & asked if I could get dressed in the hallway. No, I'm not kidding. It's so bright out here. 

I put the bulk of my dress on in the room, but then stepped out into the hallway for the buttoning. So, so, so happy I did. Both photos below were taken with the same camera, same lens, taken minutes apart, & only using available light.

Photo by Kaylynn Marie Photography

Photo by Kaylynn Marie Photography

Photo by Kaylynn Marie Photography

Photo by Kaylynn Marie Photography

I know you already have a million & four things on your mind as you plan your wedding, but in my opinion, planning for your getting ready room should not be overlooked. Remember: happy light = happy photos!