happy fourth!

Because we celebrated July 4th this past Sunday in church, I kind of forgot until just now that the actual fourth is tomorrow! The hubby & I already have our plans figured out. Friday, friends/cousins are coming over to play video games, then we are all going to the comic book store. Can you tell who was in charge of planning Friday?

On Saturday, we are celebrating my honorary niece Caroline's first birthday! My first birthday party was a three ring circus with my two friends Amanda & Kristen, & our mothers dressed us up in matching clown outfits. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a photo on my computer of all three of us from that day, so this one of me & my doll Jammie Pie will have to suffice. Caroline is Amanda's little girl & I just might dress up as a clown. But I probably won't. Clowns scare me.

Happy 8 months of marriage to me & Jake! And happy fourth to all! Stay safe with fireworks!