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A year ago I was on a beach in Cozumel, Mexico, soaking up the hot sun with the fun-loving, travel-loving Heather & Clint. (If you make it to the end of this post & don't agree that they love traveling, I have no words for you.) This wedding was definitely an experience like none other, & I am so thankful for these two for trusting me enough with their wedding to take me with them to another country. Much fun. So many memories. 

Tell me about your wedding:

1. What was your most memorable moment?
Heather: The entire wedding was a memorable montage of awesomeness. Friends, family, Clint & I still reminisce about the many happy memories. One memory that sticks out is walking down the aisle. When my dad met me & we started walking, I started crying... For some reason, all of the emotions came flowing out. As soon as I saw Clint, however, I couldn't stop smiling or get to the end of the aisle soon enough. He always seems to have that effect on me. 
Clint: The memory of the wedding is pretty much a blur, but I distinctly remember the first time I saw Heather as she was making her way down the aisle. She looked beautiful & I was so proud to be marrying her. 

2. What were the inspirations for your wedding? themes? Why did you pick this time of year? 
Heather: We thought out several options for a wedding, but truly none of them stuck for one reason or another. Once Clint suggested a cruise wedding, I knew we had a winner. We LOVE to travel & have a knack for cruising the seas. We wanted an experience that would be fun for our family & friends while also bringing two families together. Mission accomplished. :) 
Clint: We wanted to have a wedding that people would talk about for years to come. We threw away the traditional & tried our own thing. We both liked taking cruises & wanted to give our guests an opportunity to enjoy a cruise with us. The resort was non-traditional as well. Not many people can say they were married at a place called Mr. Sanchos. Our theme was to make our wedding a fun time to remember.

3. Was there anything that was not worth fussing over? In other words, did you have a bridezilla/groomzilla moment over something that was insignificant?
Heather: I cannot remember any significant big fusses. While I am especially good at freaking out over everything, Clint is even better at not getting stressed over anything. He balances me out. I do remember freaking out the day of the wedding because the girls & I were running late to the resort after making port in Cozumel. I even tried bypassing a Mexican guard coming off the cruise ship heading to the taxi line. What was I thinking?!? I somehow forgot that the wedding couldn't start without me (or with me locked in prison in Mexico). Looking back, this brief moment of insanity has provided countless laughs! 
Clint: I do not think we fussed over much. Planning our wedding was fun & we got more & more excited as the details fell into place.

4. Any advice for those planning now?
Heather: Remember to take a deep breath & enjoy this stage of life. It only happens once. There will be many people offering their opinions (all with the best of intentions). Make sure to stay true to what you both want for your special day. Also, remember the wedding is just one day. Invest in your marriage by growing in your relationship with God together. 
Clint: Do what you want to do. It is your day. If you want to release a dozen squirrels in place of a dozen doves, then buy some nuts & a live trap & get to making it happen.

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Tell me about married life!

1. What has been the easiest & hardest parts about adjusting to married life?
Heather: Easiest- Can I say that marriage has been easy? There is definitely work put into the relationship, however, it doesn't feel like work. I think this is because Clint is my best friend. Hardest- I wouldn't say this is the "hardest part of marriage," however, I feel I have definitely grown this past year in my communication skills. I have a tendency of keeping all feelings, thoughts, & emotions inside instead of being open. This is definitely not good for a happy & healthy marriage. Clint has really been patient & helped me overcome this hurdle. He probably would say I "over-communicate" now. :-P
Clint: Easiest part has been sharing my life with my best friend. We have A LOT of common interest. The hardiest part has been deciding where to put things. I like to put things in a logical place. For example, bathroom stuff that you use on a regular basis should be stored in a easily accessible place. Unfortunately, Heather feels that our home should appear not lived in & believes things should be stored neatly hidden from sight & in the most difficult place to get to. 

2. What's been the most surprising thing you've learned about each other?
Heather: Clint is surprisingly okay with living in filth. I've done secret studies (shh!) to see where his threshold of "too much mess" is... I had to cancel all of the experiments because I couldn't handle the clutter, dust, & dirt anymore! 
Clint: Heather can produce smells that I did not know a human could produce.

3. What do you guys do to spend time together? Do you have weekly dates? something nightly? monthly? 
Heather: Clint & I do most of everything together. We do tend to travel a lot. It seems that almost monthly we are going somewhere together either near or far. I think this time together strengthens our bond as we explore the world around us together. 
Clint: We spend all our time together. She is my best friend & if I am doing something I want her to be there with me.  

4. What did you do, or will you do, to celebrate your one year anniversary?
We will be going on a cruise to celebrate our one year anniversary of getting married on a cruise.  

5. Any plans for the future? Or, rather, what would you like to have done/seen/experience in the next five years?
Heather: We love to travel (hence why we had a destination wedding). We are continuously dreaming & talking about places we want to see & experience. We also hope to buy some land, go back to school, start a business, win the lottery, retire, & continue to grow & enjoy life together. 
Clint: Heather & I have A LOT of future plans for the next five years, including starting our own business, retiring & taking long cruises, going back to school & playing the WSOP Main Event. All of these would be great as long as she is by my side.

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