maclin {one year photos}

We made it to the end of the trail in the canyon & quickly changed Maclin’s clothes. We put on his fancy shoes & set him down, laughing when he couldn’t figure out what to do. What are these things on my feet? Thankfully Maclin hasn’t figured out ‘shoes’ yet & he didn’t try to walk anywhere. His one year photos were so much easier & faster than I thought they’d be. Daddy was happy I only had one outfit for him to wear.

This past weekend we took a little family trip to Big Bend, Texas. The perfectionist in me struggled with the fact that Maclin’s “one year photos” were technically “13 month photos.” Oh well. The backdrop was amazing.

If you missed Maclin’s 1st Birthday Party post, I wrote a little letter to Maclin. I don’t think I can do a similar letter here without bawling, so I’ll simply direct you there to read that.

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