wedding diy projects {time savers}

I don't know about you, but I love details at weddings. I love the little projects that I know took hours to make or collect. All of it made with a lot of love, a little bit of sweat, & probably at least one drop of blood because the exacto blade slipped one too many times. 

Thankfully, my entire college experience trained me for planning my wedding. I went into the program knowing it was a very time consuming degree, which I think gave me a leg up on a few fellow classmates who had no idea what to expect. That's not to say I never pulled any all-nighters to get my projects done…because I definitely did. But, I did learn to start early.

If you have a lot of DIY projects that you want to accomplish before wedding day, start so much earlier than you think you need to.

Sure, there are going to be a lot of things that you won't decide on until two weeks before the wedding, but for those projects that you are 100% positive on, go start & finish them now! I knew exactly what my wedding favors were going to be, & it involved stamping & heat embossing 250 goodie bags. So, as soon as I got all of the necessary materials, I stamped & embossed a few nights away.

It took me four hour-long episodes of Merlin to stamp all of those goodie bags. It felt so good to knock out one project & have it sitting in a box ready to go, even though wedding day was still four months away.

Put on your favorite TV show & watch an entire season for entertainment. Invite your friends over & make it a party. Do it now while you're not stressed about seating arrangements or coordinating pick up times at the airport for 28 family members all arriving at different times.

Also, prioritize your list of DIY projects.

Figure out what is important & what is just nice to have. If you finish with all of the important projects, then by all means start on that DIY wish list. I really really wanted to make a fun backdrop for both my cake table & my photo booth, but in the end, building a city for my husband's Avenger's cupcake table won out, which was totally worth it by the way.

Happy DIY-ing!

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