lindsay&jeff {engagements} barton springs, austin, texas

If we were playing Monopoly, I’d win! It’s such a compliment to work with any family for one wedding, it’s even better when you are asked back time & time again. I can’t wait for the third & final Freeman girl wedding this coming March. To make it even better, Lindsay was my BEST FRIEND growing up. I say that in all caps & italics because we were absolutely inseparable. That is, until our dads’ jobs moved us apart. [Insert sad/crying face here.] Thankfully, our parents ended up not too far from each other in the grand scheme of Houston, & with the help of social media, we have stayed in touch.

Lindsay & Jeff have been together for 8 years & their wedding will be such a joyful occasion, I can feel it already. We spent the afternoon exploring Barton Springs & only annoyed one group of ultimate frisbee players.