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Welcome to the third installment in this series of items that can easily get overlooked on wedding days!

1. Prepping Your Wedding Dress & Veil
2. Pack an Overnight Bag
3. Pack an Emergency Kit
4. Pack Your Jewelry & Special Accessories Bag
5. Pack a Complete Invitation Suite

I love the opening scene of The Wedding Planner. J Lo strides around the church effortlessly adjusting a bridesmaid's dress with a clothespin & calms a weeping & slightly inebriated father of the bride, all with a smile of confidence on her face.

You, too, can have that same confidence.

Bridesmaids & groomsmen, pay attention! You can be the most prepared attendant ever by showing up with these items! Brides & grooms, like your honeymoon bag, this is something you can start putting together in advance. No need to wait until the last second!

Channel your inner survivalist & consider all possibilities for yourself & those surrounding you the day of your or your friend's wedding.

Aside from your normal overnight bag, here are some essential items that often get overlooked:


  • an extra* pair of black men's socks
  • an extra* white undershirt
  • an extra* belt // black or brown depending on what the guys are supposed to wear
  • comb or brush
  • hairspray or hair gel for any groomsmen that shows up looking a bit unruly
  • beard products // see above
  • hair/beard trimmer // again, see above
  • makeup for blemishes // Hey! It happens! Just make sure you have the right color. When in doubt, ask the makeup artist or one of the bridesmaids for help.
  • a cell phone with the How to Tie a Necktie/Bowtie YouTube video pulled up

* When I say "extra", I don't mean one. I mean a "spare" in case something happens to yours or someone shows up without it.


  • dry shampoo
  • bobby pins
  • baby powder
  • feminine products
  • nail polish remover & cotton balls
  • clear nail polish
  • cute/coordinating pair of flats in case your heel breaks or feet need a break from dancing
  • cute/coordinating jacket or scarf in case it's cold at the reception // not a hoodie sweatshirt!


  • clothes or fashion tape
  • safety pins
  • tweezers // uni-brows are a no-no, guys!
  • lint roller
  • toothbrush, toothpaste
  • floss
  • breath mints or Listerine strips // not chewing gum! I hate being the bad guy & asking people to spit it out when it's time for photos or the ceremony!
  • nail file &/or clippers
  • tissues
  • q-tips
  • stain remover
  • sun block & mosquito repellent
  • chap stick
  • sewing kit // make sure you have white, black, & the color thread that matches your wedding dress or bridesmaid dress!
  • steamer


  • aspirin
  • clear or nude colored band-aids & Neosporin
  • eye drops // fun fact: Visine is horrible for you!
  • allergy medicine
  • antacid
  • cold medicine
  • Dr. Scholl's Blister Relief Anti-Friction Stick // This is the most amazing thing ever

* I highly discourage taking any meds the day (or week of) your wedding if you've never taken it before (obviously unless you have a medical emergency & your doctor has prescribed something). Allergic reactions can be disastrous! True story, my mother-in-law broke out in hives the morning of my wedding due to an allergic reaction to a medicine she recently started taking! I'm talking, every inch of her was covered. Thankfully she was wore a long sleeve dress & panty hose & my makeup artist performed a miracle. I'm so thankful she had the best attitude about it though. She's wonderful like that.


If you're helping with the decor set up in any capacity or just want to be super prepared, it wouldn't hurt to have the following items within reach:

  • scissors or two
  • clear, double stick, &/or scotch tape
  • duct tape
  • glue
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • rubber bands
  • extra or coordinating ribbon or twine that may be used in any of the decor
  • You could go WAY out of the way & pack a hammer & screwdriver! 

I finally followed my own advice a few years ago & made my own emergency wedding day kit. I thankfully haven't had need for most of the items & I sometimes feel silly carrying this bag around. But, then I go into disaster-mode thinking with visions of a windy wedding day & something flies into my eye & I rip my contact trying to get it out. I have horrible eyesight & shooting a wedding blind or even with one contact lens stresses me out. Knowing I have a backup pair makes me feel invincible.

Fun fact!

The number one thing people ask me for at weddings is safety pins.

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