pack your jewelry & special accessories bag

wedding jewelry and perfume photo {dreamy elk photography and design}

Welcome to the fourth installment in this series of items that can easily get overlooked on wedding days!

1. Prepping Your Wedding Dress & Veil
2. Pack an Overnight Bag
3. Pack an Emergency Kit
4. Pack Your Jewelry & Special Accessories Bag
5. Pack a Complete Invitation Suite

Your jewelry will complete your bridal look & forgetting a piece or losing a piece in your suitcase is no fun. (Can I throw in a "Frost yourself" reference here??)

My best advice as a bride is to pack all of your specialty items in one bag, not spread out across a few suitcases.

Shoes, jewelry, garter, & any additional hair accessories should all go into in a bag that you can hand to your photographer for stylized photos.

You've chosen a specific scent for your wedding day & have a beautiful new bottle of perfume. Include that! Your grandmother is lending you a hand embroidered handkerchief she held at her wedding? Include that! You ordered a customized hanger for your wedding dress? Include that!

I always request that my brides do this, primarily for myself to help photos get started as soon as possible. When I arrive at a wedding, the first photos I like to capture are the stylized shots of the wedding jewelry primarily so I'm not having to take them off of the bride later.

Having a bride hand me that bag means no frantic searching through a suitcase to find the necklace. No chasing down the grandmother to find the handkerchief. Everything was already packed into one little bag. As the bride, I realized how stressless it was to pack it a few days prior & hand it off with confidence.

The one piece that's usually missing from this bag is the wedding ring or both of them. Best Men are usually in charge of the rings & given those the night before the wedding to guard until the big moment. In cases where the guys are not at the venue yet or the groom's room is just too far away, I postpone the ring shots until later in the day (sometimes during the reception), so don't be surprised if I approach you later to ask for the rings. I'll give them back...I promise...

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