jewelry {how to prep for your bridals}


We’re nearing the end of this blog series, & in case you missed the others, here are a few planning tips for your bridal shoot:

Picking a date

Picking a location

Prepping your dress


Hair & Makeup


Today we’re talking jewels!

locate everything

I myself forgot my necklace for my bridal shoot (actually it was my mom’s fault, but who’s keeping record?) so take a few minutes & pull all of your jewelry out to make sure it’s all accounted for. Like everything else, don’t wait until the last second to do this.

Are you wearing a family heirloom? Get it out of the safe deposit box a few days early.

Need your ring resized? Make sure it’s taken of sooner rather than later.

TIP: Do the same thing a few days before the wedding. Gather every piece you’re planning on wearing & pack it up in one place. This saves a ton of time & stress.



Make sure your jewels sparkle! Grab a cleaning cloth & spend a few minutes buffing. Or, ask your jeweler if they have jewelry cleaning services.

take tags off

Wearing new jewelry? Save a few minutes by cutting tags off.

have a few options?

Not sure what you’re wearing yet? Bring your options & we’ll pick it out once you’re in your dress & hair & makeup are complete. The decision might be easier once you see everything together. Make sure to bring scissors to cut any tags off.