the bridal bouquet {how to prep for your bridal session}


Alright, you’ve got your hair & makeup done, your dress is properly fluffed, not a wrinkle can be found in your veil, & your nails have been buffed. Let’s give those pretty hands something to hold!

Don’t forget your bouquet for your bridal session!

I remember flowers being really difficult to plan & visualize for my own wedding because I am simply not a florist. And, unless you happen to find a florist that has every flower & greenery available in their shop the day you meet with them, a lot of trust goes into planning your florals.

This is the perfect time to do a test run with your florist.

It’s not uncommon for me to hear my brides comment on their bouquet during their bridal shoot. Their comments range from size, to color, to too many of one type of flower. The day of your shoot, notice these things & follow up with your florist with any comments. Or, if it’s perfect, tell them! I know for sure they want to hear they did a good job of seeing your vision come to life.


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