wedding shoes {how to prep for your bridals}


We’re nearing the end of how to be the most prepared you can be for your bridal photo shoot! From the top of your head, to your tippy toes, I want to make sure I’ve given you enough planning tips so you can relax & enjoy yourself.

Speaking of those toes, don’t forget your shoes!

wedding shoes

I think it goes without saying that you need your fancy wedding shoes whether they are heels, flats, or Converse shoes. If you haven’t made a final shoe decision yet, make sure the heel height matches the length your dress needs. Meaning, don’t want to wear 4” heels if your dress’s hem was cut for flat shoes, or vice versa.

backup heels

Pack a pair of backup comfortable heels if your wedding shoes haven’t been broken in yet. These are also good if you want to keep your wedding shoes clean. If your dress hits the ground & covers your feet well, your shoes won’t be seen in most photos so your shoe choice for bridal photos isn’t overly important. On bridal shoot day, we’re going for foot comfort & ease. Just make sure the heel height is similar to your wedding shoes.

Note: If your dress showcases your feet more than a ball gown style dress, you may not be able to get away with this.


flat shoes

If your wedding shoes are heels, I highly recommend bringing a pair of slip-on flats for easy walking between locations. Are we frolicking in a field of tall wild grasses? Boots or tennis shoes may be more appropriate. We’ll make sure to keep your fancy shoes close by in case your feet show in any poses.

break them in

If your wedding shoes are new, chances are they won’t be broken in so your feet may start hurting sooner rather than later. Break in your shoes if possible beforehand to make the bridal shoot & wedding day easier. I recommend wearing them only inside & with clean feet so they stay as clean as possible. Remember that I’ll want a good photo of your shoes the day of the wedding!

bandaids & dr. scholls heel deodorant

Lastly, bring some bandaids & something like Dr. Scholl’s Blister Defense to rub all over your feet to prevent rubbing.